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CanDev sponsors 2-3 month business internships for graduates of coding bootcamps and junior software devs. We're senior mentors in a community to help with code reviews and system design of cloud native apps, hybrid mobile frameworks, machine learning and web3/crypto.


Software Delivery Platforms

Product / Management

Software Delivery Manager (SDM)
DevOps engineer, DevSecOps, AppSecOps, Cloud Platform Engineer, Site Reliability Engineer (SRE), Software Development Manager (SDM)
- Nginx server configs, SSL certificates with certbot (Let's Encrypt)
- GitHub/GitLab/git source control for CI/CD software delivery (GitOps)
- cloud orchestration (Docker, Kubernetes)
- Red Hat OpenShift cloud orchestration of containers
- Google Anthos on Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
- Amazon Web Services (AWS), Equinix Metal

Customer Experience & Product (CXP)
CX Developer, UI/UX Developer, Product Designer, Product Manager, Frontend Developer
- product management (PMP) with JIRA, Agile/Scrum, Kanban, waterfall
- user experience (UX) design / user stories
- screen mockups in Figma, Invision Freehand, Miro
- wireframes / graphic design with Photoshop / Illustrator
- Go scripts for microservices APIs
- Grunt/Gulp CSS/SASS compilers

Sales & Data Services

Developer Advocate (DA)
Pre-Sales Engineer, Tech Evangelist
- customer success advocate, developer advocate, tech evangelist
- sales presentations, pre-sales for tech
- product demos, tech demonstrations

Digital Solutions Architect (DSA)
Java Data Solutions Architect (JDSA), Web DSA (SWE), Backend Developer
- slightly more technical than Developer Advocate (DA)
- RESTful APIs, systems design & back-end
- ETL (extract, transform, load)
- Salesforce forms & APIs
- Pega PRPC for Customer Decision Hub

Traditional Websites & eCommerce

Web Developer (WD)
Agile developer, Agile web developer, Ruby developer, CMS developer, PHP developer, Fullstack Developer
- Ruby on Rails or PHP frameworks such as Laravel, Symfony, CodeIgniter (CI) & ExpressionEngine (EE)
- LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)
- Wordpress, Drupal classic/traditional web dev
- RESTful APIs with MySQL (or PostgreSQL) & memcached/Redis
- MERN/MEAN/MEVN theory & fundamentals (MongoDB, Express, React/Angular/Vue, Node)
- Go scripts for microservices APIs

Site Reliability Engineer (SRE)
- implement the plan of software delivery manager (SDM) & DevOps team
- communicate/debriefs back to SDM/DevOps teams (and/or management)
- observability dashboards, real server/user monitoring (RUM) from server logs
- root cause analysis (RCA) from bugs & failures
- anticipate failures with predictive analytics

Java, Python & ML/AI

Python Developer (PD)
- Python web (Flask, FastAPI)
- Django web framework
- Python ML (machine learning)
- TensorFlow OpenML (open machine learning), deep learning, neural networks
- GitLab for MLOps
- machine learning (ML) & artificial intelligence (AI)
- Go programming scripts

ML Engineer & Data Sciences (MLD)
MLOps engineer, big data sciences architect, ML engineer, AI engineer, deep learning engineer, machine learning engineer
- Hadoop data lakes
- Apache Spark streaming data pipelines
- Scala CI, PySpark SQL

Java Developer (JD)
- Java Spring Boot framework
- Apache Kafka streaming data pipelines
- Java Enterprise (J2EE), JSP, EJB
- SOAP/XML data feels
- bonus Kotlin for Google Android, or Flutter (Dart) for hybrid/native

Microsoft / Azure

Microsoft Software Developer (MSD)
Microsoft Developer, C# developer
- Microsoft SQL Server (MS-SQL) queries
- C# Windows, ASP.NET web programming
- C/C++ for Point-of-Sale (POS) classic Windows applications
- Visual Basic (VB) programming on Windows
- SOAP/XML data, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)

Microsoft / Azure Developer (MAD)
- Razor pages, Blazor pages using C# for .NET
- Azure Functions, Storage, Service Bus, DevOps, Application Insights
- Microsoft SQL core knowledge
- Representational state transfer (REST) stateless
- Export, Transform, Load (ETL), microservices, serverless APIs
- bonus Xamarin for hybrid/native

PLC / Matlab (or Manufacturing) Developer (PLC)
- C/C++, circuit logic design & programming PLCs
- R programming for Matlab manufacturing applications
- Internet of Things (IoT) embedded for Raspberry Pi, Arduino

Apps, Native & Mobile

React Node/Native Developer (RND)
Node.js developer, AWS developer, React Node developer, React Native developer
- Realm (Apache) online/offline - SQLite & Core Data open source alternative
- Redux state management library, React local state hooks ("useState") or props-drilling
- Firebase, real-time database APIs
- MongoDB, Apache Cassandra, ScyllaDB
- PouchDB, WatermelonDB, AWS DynamoDB, Vasern

Mobile iOS Developer (MID)
SwiftUI developer, Ionic developer
- SwiftUI & UIKit, XCode for iOS development
- Ionic Framework with React, Angular or Vue on top of Apache Cordova for Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

Google Android Developer (GAD)
Android mobile developer, Flutter developer, Kotlin developer
- Google Android Studio
- Kotlin Java Android development
- Flutter for Google Android hybrid mobile development
- Ionic Framework for Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

Junior Software Engineer (SWE)

Every single modern software engineer needs these basic skills to be IT career/job/work-ready:

How do I advance beyond Jr. to more Sr. & Intermediate roles?

You'll need to work well with the product designers, marketing teams or internal users to understand what client requirements are important to build in to your product(s). Depending on the setup of your company, it usually happens in two (2) ways; A) product/marketing is your business user (as they have gathered user-generated requests for you) or; B) your business is bigger and you'll have internal clients where IT & marketing will sit in the same meetings with internal users of your products. We see a path of a junior SWE to senior by either transitioning to pre-sales advocacy (tech evangelism) of your products which will include hiring new developers as a principle SWE (software engineer) of sorts, or taking the operations path and becoming an expert in DevOps, code pipelines with CI/CD such as Jenkins, Chef, Puppet, etc. and managing cloud software containers on-prem, or in one of the many platforms AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM Cloud, Oracle, etc. that we call "big cloud". This could also include managing agile/Scrum teams, systems design & database administration, setup of hardware/specs/systems for developers, doing product releases, mentoring other dev/team members.

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