The Hiring Gap

Have you ever heardEveryone is hiring! Everyone's looking for work! Likely both cannot be true, with massive gap in expectations on each side of the hiring process. The answer lies somewhere in the middle. How do you close the gap and find the skills matching the job specifications?

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What exactly is Developer Relations (#DevRel?) …

CanDev will help you launch new products and hire the right team. We'll wear your team colors, educate potential customers, do product demos, handout your tees & swag at conventions, events or launch parties!

Think of developer relations ("devrel") in terms of a sports league, as the minor leagues ("the minors" or your "farm team") where you're the big club, the professional organization with the big contracts, but you can give "entry-level contracts" or more directly in terms of what we offer: sponsored 2-3 month internships, and you can put your favorites on retainer, buy them a new MacBook Pro, etc. and work with them until you're ready to give them the "major league" deal/contract/position. You can present at web conferences and say "we're looking at doing…" or "we're debating a change from this to this…" and gather real-time suggestions, feedback from the video meeting. You can then do breakout sessions with anyone "swimming" in our talent pool. Instead of preparing questions, doing interviews and debriefs as a chore, why not break the habit and hire a different way?

Tech hiring has changed...
dramatically from 2020 until now, are you ready for the new remote/hybrid workforce?

Traditional hiring for techies; front-end developers, back-end developers, software delivery managers and product managers was pretty straight forward in the past onsite world. The Internet is wide open now, and developers are just a few clicks away from a new position somewhere else. There's no longer a "geographical moat" around your potential candidates, and new hires.

It costs bigtime (perhaps 40% of annual salary or 1.4X overhead hiring costs to be more precise) when hiring new employees to get them trained, ramped-up to the business domain vertical industry language, knowledge and experiences. Often it takes 6-months just to see if the person is a good cultural fit for your existing teams, and how well they "play nice" in the company sandbox. Perhaps it will take another 6-months to fire that new hire without cause and both of you end up hurting using this outdated tech hiring process of the past! It's still very traditional to hire sales/admin staff, but quite different when acquiring programmers/techies.

You'll end up hurting your pocket book and there are all kinds of meetings afterwards to find out what went wrong, and that makes everyone look really bad! Our country hurts because you lost gross margins or produced net losses, and it ruins innovation. There's another person on the unemployment line, and giant sucking noise from competitors pulling talent away from you.

All companies see the world differently, so virtue signaling about the latest political trends is not in your best interests. You really need to get back to fundamentals. What is the company's founding mission, vision and why did they start this company? You really need to build culture around the values of the founders and executive team. It's time to disregard hiring to fill quotas over the short-term, but hiring for a better long-term fit; and matching the values or personality of the teams you already have in place. How do you do this? Most employees are terrible at this (because of subjective views), or knowing even how to place a finger on the pulse of the company's culture. We can help you define your true culture. It's really hard to find employees willing to work for you, let alone great employees that will be with you for a long-haul journey. We can help you with that too by giving access to software engineers at various levels over web conferences and you can sponsor future relationships that will lead to the perfect hire which gels in your team setting.

Developer Relations (DevRel) is the newest way to hire going forward, and we're back from the SF Bay Area to educate you on this paradigm shift in tech hiring. We'll get you the best talent first.™

What is CanDev and how can we help?

We are a developer relations ("devrel") community of mentors for junior developers. We provide connections to corporations (and venture-backed startups) that are willing to work with us in sponsored sessions to gain access to interested outside software engineers.

Ultimately to you, this is tech evangelism at its finest and your current software delivery managers (or even ramped-up intermediates) as tech evangelists (or developer advocates) can present some of your internal applications/stacks/systems (while securely protecting code/on-prem systems) safely over web conferences in a new form of developer relations (aka "devrel") program.

You can demonstrate some of your culture to future tech hires just by devs interacting with other devs, where as the traditional process funneled exclusively through the human relations/resources (HR) department. We'll provide the junior software engineers who are keenly interested in gleaning valuable business insights, data intelligence and even doing some sponsored hackathon-type projects for you so you can see who's got the right stuff in presentability, empathy, problem solving, leadership, and hard coding skills.

Human Resources Professionals (HRP's) are wonderful people and incredible on the softer skills (culture, teamwork, empathy, patience, emotional behaviors, etc.) however there are massive gaps within the tech hiring process. They are doing the best they can to help onboard and acclimate software developers with company culture like they do with sales & marketing, project managers, financial controllers and admin staff. We're here to help with onboarding software engineers, build a plan for 2-3 month internships, foster ongoing relationships and community for code reviews & mentorship.

Your current tech staffers — software development & delivery teams are constantly in Agile/Scrum meetings, and they have literally zero time to screen potential employees, let alone break away from their duties to interview potential job candidates. So what happens today? This entire job is offloaded to the HR department to source potential technical candidates. It's like pulling teeth for HR to get a software engineer (or software delivery manager) to sit-down with HR for a few hours to even help them write a proper job description for what you're actually looking for skills/stack-wise to complement your existing teams. We do our best to build a "sales funnel" for HR by liason with our developer relations (DevRel) team to categorize/upskill our devs to match common job streams by using a common-set of tech stacks (or skills and technologies) that said software engineer should be familiar in order to be considered at future positions. There are simply too many variations in the industry (as we said, every company has their own way) so we've streamlined the "downstream tech hiring process" in a particular tech stack, that you're looking to fill upstream positions for your team.

So what are you actually looking for?

What are the tech stacks out there?

We've dedicated an entire page for tech stacks and common languages/skills for upstream job seekers.

What's with the fish terminology?

Companies are "fishing" (for the right candidates) while business knowledge is being sent downstream towards the job seekers who are swimming upstream to mate with their potential employer. I think we'll probably just use a salmon for our logo!

CanDev Mission & Vision

Our goal is to build a sustainable software mentorship community for junior devs and graduates of coding bootcamps to get their first real-world experiences at a real company. Tutorials, coding tests, mock projects only work insofar as to the personal growth of the software engineer, when they can build on-top of that knowledge for real world job experience. The huge acquisition costs of quality software developers is forcing a monumental shift in the way we look at tech hiring processes of the future. Trust and observability will land us somewhere in the middle of companies and job seekers.

We cater 2-3 month business internships for job seekers to "test the waters" with a potential employer, and there are absolutely no recruitment fees ever to hire directly from our talent pool. We predict that Developer Relations (DevRel) will become the mainstay tech hiring process of the future. And we'll be there first, so obviously — we'll get you the best dev talent first.™ Our sponsorship model will be a fraction of the 40% or more hiring operational costs for new hires. You can pay us monthly/annually to gain access to our growing talent pool. Google famously had the 20% rule, so that's where we can start the negotiations.

About the Founder

Jim Semple is a serial entrepreneur, and has worked for SME/enterprise and Fortune 500 companies. Jim has gained valuable real-world business experience for 25 years in dozens of vertical markets (domain knowledge & business intelligence) and in the "second half" of his life is looking to switch gears from primarily software engineering to teaching/mentoring junior developers. Let's build out the next generation of product innovators, builders and supporters together!!

Call/text Jim directly at 905-981-2582 (cell/mobile) for now… until we get some kind of fancy answering service :-) Learn More

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