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Okanagan Solar Panels

Residential solar panels are;
~ 72-cell dimensions 6Β½ x 3ΒΌ feet in size (close to 21 sqft)
~ 60-cell dimensions 5Β½ x 3ΒΌ feet in size (close to 18 sqft)
~ weigh 40-50 lbs, a bit less than a small bag of cement at 25 kg (or 55 lbs) but slightly more awkward to carry because of the large surface area of the solar panels
~ contain 60-72 solar PV (photovoltaic) cells at 6x6" squares in a 10x6 or 12x6 wafer pattern

It's not as easy as dividing the roof say 500 sqft by 18 and getting 27.7 solar panels. You'll probably want an even number of panels. Typically, you'll not be taking up the entire roofs square footage ("sqft") with solar racking, mounts & solar panels.

Roofs are typically 2-sided roofs (gable roof), lean-to roofs (like a carport or entrance way), and most commonly 4-sided roofs (hip roofs) with equal sides in a pyramid design (hip roof square), or it could be a rectangle hip roof with uneven sides, or even a "mansard roof" (like a hip roof with a flat-top surface), and even more complex roofs having multiple faces & slopes to the roofing architectural design.

Ideally, you'll want south-facing solar panels, however, east/west works pretty well too! Solar engineers will carefully survey your property with drone/satellite footage for overhead GIS mapping integrated with our solar design & planning software.

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Jim Semple has built solar software for Sciencetech in London, Ontario. He is a fan of Tesla automobiles (they're like mountain goats all over the hills of San Fran!) and is a friend of the Earth, having volunteered to plant trees for ReForest London.

He is currently living in the Kelowna area, and a territory sales manager with Northern Sun Power for this region. He also has an ActSafe rigger/boom/aerial lift operator certification and has been trained for the provincial safety standards on job sites.

Call/text Jim directly at 905-981-2582 (cell/mobile)

CanDev is a not-for-profit economic development foundation. I'm new to the Okanagan, so I bring a different set of eyes, hope & youthful optimism. Since arriving and bartending, I've met lots of people in the food & beverage industry. The goal is to grow local business, create partnerships, co-operatives and navigate this tough economy together as a community. Social club events are ways to connect and pair up with eachother, including Zoom/FaceTime/IG lives.. and hopefully we can podcast/stream together on YouTube/Rumble. I'll help setup your tech, pave the way for your digital transformation. This is for a pittance of salary to me and whatever money comes in to organize events, social gatherings, work with local sponsors and do traditional business networking types of activites (for free on my own time) and I'll make sure to market your business info/advert as far & wide as possible and to all of my own personal websites as well; like Cyazer™ geo-search engine, Person Feed (PF) with 48,000 influencers, Geoverts™ a place for jobs & quotations, Opusoft Better Mapping CRM with 25 million business listings worldwide. I'll also be posting business plans/ideas for local businesses that many people can join up and work on together in a co-operative fashion, this is the new way of thinking about business.

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